Alex GilloAlex Gillo is a fine artist and designer living and working in Bristol.

Alex came to the UK in ’92 from Croatia, having just graduated in Textile and Fashion design at the University of  Zagreb.  Prior to that she completed a degree in  Media studies but felt driven to the pursuit of visual expression more than verbal.

She started her career as an artist in Dartmouth in ’96 while running The Artworks gallery with three other young artists.  In ’98 she joined The John Gillo Galley and had  numerous joint exhibitions, together with a permanent display of her paintings and glassware.

In 2003 Alex moved to Bristol. She now paints in her garden’s Pink Shed studio in the company of her adorable dogs, Bella and Teddie.

“Studying design gave me an inventive approach to painting: I avoid conventional subjects, paints, surfaces and formats… Instead I use anything that inspires, excites and intrigues me.

My paintings happen spontaneously but take their time to come out! I work in stages, as the paints I use need a time to dry. My favourite technique consists of mixing high quality pure pigment powders with bonding agent  to create different consistencies of pure colour. I pour the paint in thick random shapes and, when dry, I often apply a thin wash of paint which is then literally washed out in certain places to allow the shapes to rise through.

I love playing with layering paint, creating impressions of different dimensions.

The paintings are an expression of moods but also an endless search for harmony and excitement. That is what I am trying to create:  a balanced excitement! It’s  a great privilege to explore my thoughts and emotions  through play of colour and form.

Using gold outlines has become my signature, I feel its got a power to lift and make the painting more ‘alive’.

My early influences were Dali, Klee, Miro and Picasso but today I find some contemporary women artists like Natasha Barnes and Keck very inspiring. I also love the work of Dutch artist John Breed.

My interest is in the power of art to uplift, inspire, nurture and transform.”