Alex started producing vases in 1996 as an experiment whilst in The Artworks in Dartmouth and they soon started attracting attention and selling well.

She experimented for a while with different textures and paints till she finally found what she wanted.

Her technique is unique and each piece is a work of art. Collections are small, they change with moods, seasons, gallery requirements or individual specifications in commissioned work.

There are a number of serious collectors of Alex’s glass work and her vases have gone as far as Japan and Chile.

“The tissue is applied onto a glass base providing me with a surface to paint on. I use the same mixture of pure pigment and bonding agent as I use on my paintings but in a watered down consistency, layering the paint in stages, waiting for it to dry out in between the layers. I again use the gold acrylic to outline the shapes. The whole process is then finished off with a coat of acrylic varnish, making them water resistant.”

The recent additions are tea lights; colourful and pretty which somebody once described as reminiscent of pansies!

You can purchase the glassware by visiting Alex’s studio in Bristol or in any outlet on the Art Galleries list.

Below are some examples of her recent work: